You get the machine: “Hi Joe, Hezi from SuccessHowTo getting back to you. You requested some information from one of my websites on how to build your business online, but it looks like you’re out.. option 1: Call me at XYZ number but if I don’t hear back from you by this Friday, I’ll call you on Tuesday option 2:  I can defenitely show you how to generate some leads. Call me at XYZ number if you are serious. I look forward connecting with you. Have a great rest of the day”   Remember to search for type of person: – visual: looks to me, my focus, the way I see it, my vision.. – What I am hearing from you.. – it feels like..   You get the person: – Hi (name), I am calling you because you left your contacts on my site. Is it a good time to talk? – Have you got a chance to go through the site a little bit? – What is your primary business? – how many Home BIZ things have you tried? why do you think it didn’t work out? – What’s stopped you in the past from having (more time freedom, money, time with kids, etc. whatever was said above.) – Do you feel that you have reached your goals in your business? – How are you in getting leads online? – Does it interest you to know how to generate more leads through the internet? – Have you had any thought about how to generate those leads. paid advertizing vs. free, twitter, blogging, facebook, video marketing? – How many leads would you like to generate everyday? – How much will it give you according to your compensation plan? How will it make you feel?   – (Are you serious / How serious are you) about making money online? How serious are you to alter the circumstances in your life?   Just throwing it out there… – Would you be open to a side project if it won’t interfere with what you are currently doing? – Why? Has anything changed recently in your life that made you open for such a side project..   Put their pain in the past It (looks/feels/sounds) to me like you are in a situation that you don’t like.. (looks/feels/sounds) that in this economy you been downsized.. (looks/feels/sounds like) you are not in the perfect scenario that you would like to be right now.. and also I see where you are coming from because (you didn’t have the best upline/the product wasn’t good/the company was corrupt – whatever their excuse is) In the past you experienced ______ <- fill in their excuse.   “It is so expensive” (repeat their pains: crappy job/upline /etc).. I know that when you originally (looked at it/heard the price), it (looked/sounded) expensive. but now you see why it worth the value to get away from all that stuff   Magic Wand (trick to learn their desires/needs/wants) Let me ask you this: based on all your experiences, what if you had a magic wand and you could conjure up the perfect opportunity for you, that fit with your routine, that fit with your time, that helps you accomplish all the goals that you desire. What would that (look like/feel)?   what I am hearing from you is..   back to closing   Ask for feedback about the blog: – what kind of information are you looking for? – Did you find it in the blog? – What would you have changed in the blog?