Buy a giftAre you looking to buy a gift for someone, but can’t find a good idea? Did you get lost when tryng to buy a gift for this holidays? Buy a gift can be a real time consuming, and in some cases, really a difficult task (especially for us, males). In this short post, I’ll give you a few ideas so you can buy a gift without spending a lot of time and money finding the perfect gift and also find something that your partner will enjoy, so you can be sure that you buy a gift that will be remembered after the Reveilon party.

What to look before you buy a gift:

A lot of people, especially me, make a critical mistake when they buy a gift: They think on what they want instead of what their fellow want. So instead of thinking on what you want, try to understand what your friend want. I love books, but if you want to buy a gift I strongly suggest you to go for something else. Unless someone told you the name of the book, the chance to buy the correct book is really small. If I wanted a book, I would have bought it, and the last thing someone wants to do on holiday time, is spending time reading a book just because this is what someone gave it to him. The point is: don’t buy a gift that can be time consuming (especially if you are buying it for a usually-ultra-busy home entrepreneur like me). Now, this may sound a little bit complex: Don’t buy a gift! Buy an experience or, even better buy a transformation! A experience means that someone will experiment something different than what he had in the past. For example, if your wife love to cook, what about buying a Crazy Cook Workshop. I’m sure you can find cheap and fun ideas on the net. A transformation means that you buy a gift that will change the way someone else do something. Let’s take your wife example again, suppose she loves Japanese Food, what about finding a Japanese restaurant that can explain the origin of the Sushi before a romantic dinner? This will probably change the way she cook Japanese food: No more just Sushi, now it’s loveable memories of that special dinner. Think on what people do, what’s the relationship you want to create, and what you want to communicate.

Buy a gift : The perfect Gift.

As a life and business coach, I am always looking for a way to help people change their lives. Everyone want to be more: more assertive, more self-confident, more wealthy, more healthy. So the perfect gift will be if you can give someone the possibility to be more. There are a lot of ways to achive that, but I will divide this into 2 categories: The hard & expansive way: Like taking the services of a biz coach, or sending someone to a workshop. This can produce long term results but it’s a gift for the correct person. The new way: Using new technologies, you can find cheap products that will do it, using new resources that were unavailable a few years ago! I didn’t know about this shortcuts, till one of my menthors, Randy Gage , send me a email about a cheap software program that literally do the job for you! (if you don’t know Randy, he is a multi-million dollar producer, known as the millionaire Messiah ). The software is called Subliminal power, and it uses the power of your subconscious mind. In the beginning I was very skeptical, but I bought it since it comes with a 100% money back guarantee , and it was recommended by Randy. Since I got amazing results, I really recommend you to check it. If you want to improve your results, you should buy it for you, or you can buy as a gift for someone else. => Click here to improve your results in any area of your life And here it what happens after you get the Subliminal Power software. You select an area (or a few areas) of your life that you want to work, boost self-confidence, release stress or even lose weight. The program will be flashing powerfull positive affirmation around your computer screen that bypass your critical thinking conscious mind and go straight to your subconscious mind. The subconscious then follow this affirmation to produce POWERFULL and EXCITING results. The cool thing is that you don’t need to spend time on coaching, reading book or listen to tapes, Subliminal Power will do the job for you using the time that you are already spend in from of your computer. It’s only 39.95 US$, and it cames with a 100% money back guarantee so this is a no-brain decision. Just go get it now. I bet you will never forget the day you installed Subliminal Power => Click Here to start getting results now! To your success, Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h   PS: The only reason I am recommending this is because Submiliminal Power has a huge impact to my results and it’s 100% guarantee.=> Click Here to Get Subliminal Power  Now! PS2:If you need some extra money this holiday , check this link PS2:Please share your results after you get Subliminal Power   Image: Stuart Miles /
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