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what is eBay VeRO

VeRO means Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) .When you use any media ( usualy pictures of products or texts ) in your listings that are copyrighted by someone else ( e.g. the VeRO owner ) and the owner complain to eBay, eBay will remove your list , send you a email and your account can be penalized ( for new accounts this can actually cause your account to be definitively suspended ).eBay VeROSo you should do whatever you can to avoid VERO’s complain.This is a very common problem for people doing droppship .There are a partial list on ebay site at but the problem is that as mentioned on eBay site : ‘Some rights owners who work with eBay did not to contribute a page, so the list of brands is not comprehensive’You can read the details on the eBay site at