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Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

We have come to know the author of this post through a great platform called My Blog Guest. It is a free platform created by Ann Smarty where bloggers can meet with other bloggers and look for writers for their blogs, or even write in other blogs. You should definetely check it out. If you want to learn more about it, check this interview with the founder Ann Smarty: My Blog Guest – Interview with Ann Smarty When Ann Smarty suggested that we should host this post, we really liked the idea, because one of our team had exactly this problem when he finished his university degree and couldn’t find work for over 8 months, and according to him it wasn’t an easy period in his life. We certainly hope that you will never have to endure such a phase in your life, and if you do, we hope that this post will make it easier for you to cope with it.

And now, to the post: