Are you in Rippln? Looking for the best way to get people in your ripple and get the best results possible? If you are, then this post is for you! This is the transcript of exact script that we used and told our team to use to create a ripple of more than 50,000 people in about 6 weeks! Goal 1 Get EVERYONE in the Ripple Goal 2 Only work with those who see what you see NOW You MUST understand the desired outcome RIGHT NOW at this point in Rippln is to simply find out who NATURALLY sees what you see!! Do not waste time at this early point with folks you have to WORK at convincing. ONLY work with those who have the vision to SEE what you see IMMEDIATELY without all the hard work! The rest WILL see it later once things really explode – but DON’T WASTE TIME CONVINCING THEM NOW!! The good news about following this system is that everyone you speak with will already be in YOUR Ripple BEFORE they decide which group THEY choose to be in ;)

Start with YOUR Phone!

The people you are closest to and have the most influence with – call them FIRST. When they answer the phone: “Hey, are you in front of a computer?” If No, set another time and hang up. If YES, keep going. “Do you have 5 minutes?” If No, set another time and hang up. If YES, keep going. “Are you in the Ripple?” “What’s the Ripple?” or “What’s that?” “You didn’t get an invitation yet to the Ripple?” “What’s that?” “Oh wow – there are almost a million people in more than 200 countries who have been invited in just the last few weeks. This is going to change the way ecommerce is done around the world forever – I can’t believe you don’t have an invitation! Quick, go to this website:  You HAVE to see this, it’s amazing!” “I just sent an invitation to your email/phone – but don’t bother right now, I will just tell you the invitation code enter this code directly… (read their invite code from your invite system) “Ok click to accept – yeah, the NDA we have to keep this information private for now – that’s why you have to be invited to learn about it – then click to continue. Ok – now enter your information and a password so you can login to see the videos. “Great – now log in.” (They are already in your Ripple! 3 minutes max! And you have wasted NO time on details!) “OK – see those invitations? Don’t worry about those yet. Click where it says videos. Watch the “Follow Up” video – it’s only 4 minutes long and call me right back.” (Now let the VIDEOS do the talking – NOT YOU). THIS IS THE KEY!! They are already in your Ripple –and you WASTED NO TIME GIVING THEM INFORMATION – YOU ARE LETTING RIPPLN GIVE THE INFORMATION AND DO THE WORK – PERFECTLY – THE SAME WAY EVERY SINGLE TIME.

YOU build the Ripple – Rippln does the rest

When you talk with them again after they have seen the video, they are either very excited or not. If not excited and they don’t “see” it, then tell them they will get access to some cool free stuff later and that’s it – don’t convince them of anything – hang up and move on. If they ARE excited and SEE WHAT YOU SEE, then YOU HAVE FOUND WHO YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Don’t teach them all the information – have them watch the remaining videos, get plugged into the corporate and MVP Team information and TEACH THEM how to ONLY do THIS SAME SYSTEM and START IMMEDIATELY inviting as MANY AS POSSIBLE as FAST AS POSSIBLE the EXACT SAME WAY and repeat the process with their EXCITED people. Corporate information:; – check out the blog; Team Information: – subscribe to email list bottom right on home page. If they want more information about other things – like comp plan details – tell them the company will be releasing that information in more detail soon. And leave it to Rippln to do that work at the right time. Rippln is heading towards 1,000,000 without those details – you are LOOKING FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU – PERIOD!! That’s it – you just get them in the Ripple and let the videos do the sorting and your ripple explodes if everyone does the same thing.  

Advanced tip: “invitations never sleep”

Before going to bed or whenever you are done Rippln for the day, send all unused invitations via sms or email to people in your phone you haven’t yet called – if someone completes an invitation without your call, that’s great! A new Ripple is started with NO talking – the best of all! Just follow up with them immediately and get them plugged into THIS SYSTEM. If no one has accepted an invitation when you come back, then start with those folks first. Just start the conversation the same way and you are off and Rippln again! Any people you can’t get hold of, cancel the invite and issue them to the people you are speaking to.  

Adriano & Hezi discussing the “Max/Min System” In a live Google Hangout with Rippln CEO Brian Underwood!

Watch the hangout we explain the Maximum Minimum System:  

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