“Lifestyle Dreams” action guide

5 years from now, think of a date that has special significant to you. It can be your birthday, a holiday, whatever, as long as it is approximately 5 years from now.

Think about you life on that day in the future, and visualize what it looks like.


1) If you could switch your morning ritual what would it be?

2) What’s your ultimate vision if all goes well?

3) Where do you want to go?

4) What do you want to have?

5) Who do you to spend time with?

6) What do you want to spend that time with?

7) How does a “normal” day in your life looks like?

8) How achieving all those things makes you feel NOW?

9) Number 1 reason you joined

2 Responses to “Lifestyle Dreams” action guide

  1. Ferrin says:

    Here’s my answers:
    1) I don’t really have a morning ritual. lol
    2) If all goes well, I would be travelling around the whole world and picking up new hobbies without having to work!
    3) Every country I have not been to
    4) Money, health and happiness
    5) The person whom I love the most and love me most
    6) Not sure abt the qns
    7) There’s no normal day because everyday would be a new adventure!
    8) On top of the world and shouting ” Life’s awesome!”
    9) To break out of the current routine
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  2. Hezi says:

    #9 -> I thought that you don’t have a routine.. lol

    Seriously now. Thanks for stopping bye, and thanks for taking the time for posting your lifestyle dreams. Telling the world about what you want is the first step your need to do in order to achieve your goals.

    Do this exercise again for yourself, and try to be even more specific. For example, number #4: money (how much money), health (I hope you will be), and happiness (what exactly will make you happy).

    Remember that we are talking about a future date that is about 5 years from now, so think BIG.

    Come back 5 years from now and let me know what you achieved :)

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