Banners Broker Review

This Banners Broker Review should help you evaluate whether it is a good step for you to get involved in the opportunity.

I have been hearing a lot about “Banners Broker” lately. A lot of my friends are calling and asking me about it. After all, who wouldn’t be curious about an opportunity to double your money in a few months?

So, the question is “Banners Brokers” too good to be true? This is what this Banners Broker Review is set to find out.


Banners Broker review of the company

The owners of this company are Kul Josun, VP of marketing and sales, and Chris smith and they are based in Toronto Canada. The company started on nov 2010 so it is still pretty young.

The market that this company is operating on is the online advertising of banners, and it is clearly a trending market as companies divert a larger portion of their budget to online advertising at the expense of the traditional print advertising.

online vs print advertising budget

As the name of the company implies, Banners Broker serves as a broker between the advertisers and the publishers.

It is similar to the way Google serves as a broker between the advertisers and the publishers with Google adwords and Google Adsense:

  • Google Adsense is the publishing side, where websites’ owners allow Google to place ads on their website.
  • Google Adwords is the way that people who wants to advertise online pay Google. Google then pays the website owner a portion of that money.


In other words, Google connects between website owners and advertisers, and takes a portion of advertising money as a brokerage fee, and this process is generating billions of dollars a year for Google.

My Banners Broker Review shows that this is exactly what Banners Broker does. Banners broker connects between publishers and advertisers online, and takes a portion of the money as a brokerage fee.


The difference is that Banners Broker shares a portion of the money with their customers.

A customer in Banners Broker is someone who pays Banners Broker to buy an advertising space on its websites network. Banners Broker then sell this advertising space to advertisers, pays the website owner, and split the revenue with the customer.

What makes Banners Broker unique, is that as an advertiser, this program will eventually pay you twice the amount of advertising that you bought.

The reason that Banners Broker can do that is because they buy their advertising space on wholesale, using their increasingly huge buying power. They then resell this advertising space on retail price.

There are currently around 20000 customers. The site and the compensation plan was just renovated website on January 2012, and since then the site has gained much attention as can be seen in the alexa traffic report:

banners broker review

Banners Broker review – Compensation plan

When you join the program, you buy what is called an Ad-Pub Combo package, which means that it includes advertising and a publishing sections:

- In the advertising section, you will get impressions (eyes on your banner ad).

- In the publishing section, you are renting advertising space and you are getting paid to do so.

There are 6 types of packages that you can start with:



1. To the initial package cost you should add the admin fee ($15 standard, $100 premium)
2. Each Package contains the all the panels that are included in the package above. Therefore, for example, the cost of the business package is the sum of the yellow, purple and blue packages: 10+30+90=$130
3. Each Package contains the all the panels that are included in the package above, and therefore the number of impressions in the Business package is the sum of the impressions in the yellow, purple and blue packages: 1000+3000+9000=13000
4. Twice the cost of the panel
5. Estimated number, based on historical values.


Banners Broker review – Can you make money

With the current compensation plan, yes it is possible to make money. The compensation plan is not easy to understand, and actually some people prefer to let others manage their account in order to maximize their earning.

You should remember that this is a startup company, and therefore the stability of this company relay heavily on the management and leadership team.

There are 3 reasons why you can be interested in Banners Broker:

1) You just want to advertise your business: You can find cheaper places to place your banners, but Banners Broker is the only one that will actually pay you back more than the cost of the advertising you bought.

2) You want to make some money online: Well, if you know what you are doing, you should be able to make money.


The 3rd option is that you want to make a lot of money. It is certainly possible to make a lot of money with this program, but you will need to know how to find people that are looking for opportunities like that. You will have to master getting leads online, prospecting and how to talk to them in order for them to join you.

This Banners Broker review was written specifically for people who are looking to make real money in the online marketing industry. Sadly, without the proper training, most fail to achieve real success.

To be the best, you should learn from the best and this is exactly what I have done with the system that I use.

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If this Banners Broker review is still not enough for you to make a decision, then I want you to know that I have studied the compensation plan of Banners Broker for a long time now. If you want some tips on how to maximize your earnings, contact me directly.

To your success


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  1. Mani Jones says:

    You have made some good points there. I looked on the net for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website. Thanks for the info on Banners broker

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s great! Especially for those publishers who are banned in Google Adsense – they don’t waste time searching advertisers. Thanks for sharing.
    Debbie recently posted..Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification RenewalMy Profile

  3. At first I was under the impression that this Banners Broker is another affiliate marketing network but after carefully reading through your post here, it seems as if this is entirely a different niche of its own. Amazing analysis mate!
    Theodore Ranieri recently posted..Talking the Talk, but Not Walking the Walk: CEOs want to Go Social but Hardly DoMy Profile

  4. Jay Ortega says:

    Great article…. I”m planning on joining BB with my partner, and while researching it, I’m glad I came across this.

  5. Jon Granrud says:

    Hey! I`m a guy from Norway, who recently joined BB. I would be really interested in some of your thoughts about how to maximize earnings, if you would be willing to share! I`m also a member of zeek, and that`s been working out really well so far. And if you have any more tips about similar companys i`d be really greatfull! Looking forward to hearing from you! Jon.

  6. I understand Banners Brokers can double your deposit within a month of joining, is this correct?

  7. adam says:

    salut a tt
    mèrçi pour cette explication
    je peux savoir si BB temb comme zeek…


  8. Des Ingham says:

    Lots of great information here Hezi, I was very impressed with the amount of useful tips and strategies for Banners Broker.
    Banners Broker is a great service that anyone who puts their mind to it can make a lot of money from.
    Thanks, Des.

  9. the post is incredibly nice and I’m very grateful to locate it for this website kaos distro surabaya
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  10. Spencer says:

    This is very helpful information. Great info on Banners Broker, thanks for posting.
    Spencer recently posted..Online Stock Brokers Comparison – Things That Can Save Your BaconMy Profile

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