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Using RSS to increase your blog traffic

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and yet, for something that is supposed to be simple many people don’t know what it is, and what using RSS can do for them. We have gathered the main 5 tools that we are using RSS today and believe that everybody should know it too. Using these tools will allow you to
  • Get updated a lot quicker about new developments in your niche.
  • Build stronger relationships with bloggers and people within your niche.
  • Enhance your connection with visitors to your blog.
  • Build backlinks and eventually increase the traffic to your blog.
So how are we using RSS?

Our Traffic Secrets Formula – Will It Make The Test?

I have done a lot of research lately and I have managed to dig what I believe are Traffic Secrets gems. At the beginning I wanted to say “hidden gems” but actually they are not so hidden if you know where to look. Most likely that if you are reading this post right now it means that this system that I am about to describe to you is working. So if you want to know how I did it I suggest that you keep on reading.

Groupon has a new HUGE rival – YOU!

I know that many out there have read good reviews about Groupon, but I stumbled onto “The Customer Advantage”, which is a huge potential. Just like in the grading system, I would give “The Customer Advantage” a straight up A+ for many reasons. This is why YOU, the customer, win over Groupon.

My Very Own 90 Days Blogging Challenge

challangeI began blogging a month and a half ago, and so far the experience is EXCITING! It is amazing the amount of response that some pages on the internet can get all over the world. This site has already got visitors from 9 different countries, likes on the facebook fanpage, got several posts tweeted and retweeted on twitter and on got mentioned several times in some other social media sites. It even got several subscribers, which I completely didn’t expect so fast! But from all of these reactions, the one that surely topped them all was this: Two days ago, when I was busy doing some development tasks on the blog, I noticed an email in my inbox, with a very interesting video message from a youtube user.

Good Debt, Bad Debt – What’s the difference?

good debt bad debtThis is a guest post written by someone that we met through the My Blog Guest site. We feel privileged to host his post here in our site, since it is always a pleasure to help others in the blogging community.

Differentiating between good debt and bad debt

Debt in general is considered to be bad because you are required to handle the debt payments and you can end up saving nothing for yourself each month. In fact debt is a thing that is to be avoided at all costs. But there are some debts too that are good for you because you are incurring it for some useful purpose and not simply borrowing the money to buy something that is not of much use but is only a thing of your liking. There are various debt relief options that can help you to get out of debt but first of all it is important for you to know what is bad debt and what good debt is.

What is your “WHY”?

whyThere are two important days in our life. The first is the day that we were born. The second is the day that we find out WHY. I will be open with you. I used to hate books such as “The Secret”. I thought that it is too much spiritual and not realistic. What I now understand is that the secret is not that you are supposed to sit all day and chant repeatedly to yourself “I want a Ferary, I want a Ferary”. This will definetly wouldn’t do it. But, you do need to know what you want.

This is your life!

In this life, we tend to get caught up in the daily grind. With so many paperwork to do in the office, bills to pay, kids to take care of, and our careers to uphold, it sometimes seems impossible to find balance. This quote by The Manifesto (founded by 2 brothers who gave up their day jobs to find the true meaning of life) gives us inspiration and hope to become more than what we thought we could be. No matter how busy your day may be, be sure to take time and reflect on what really matters to you. Live your life to the fullest and take each day as if it were your last, so that you will make the most out of it. Some barely have time to ‘breathe’ and if you are one of these people, find time to relax and do something that makes you smile. Whether it’s getting something new as a reward, eating ice cream, or simply talking to someone who is dear to you- just do it.

Dream your way to a perfect life!

dream“The most pathetic person in the world is a person who has their sight but no vision.”  – Helen Keller. In life, we all want one thing and that is to succeed. With all its complexity, twists and turns, finding ways to actually achieve your goals may be a bit overwhelming. The actual first step in becoming successful is not that hard; all you have to do is know exactly where you want to go. Of course this path is not an easy one, but it is simple.

Self Improvement- Dealing with Debt

debt Let’s face it, the economy nowadays has weakened and has affected many lives. There has been news about people filing for bankruptcy and such due debt, etc. If you are one of them, don’t feel bad because as with everything else, there is hope. The thing is that most are overwhelmed and don’t really know where to go, in terms of options and solutions. With this said, there are still individuals who would rather take on the challenge themselves. It’s a smart idea to first seek advice from counseling services and then off you go! Here are some ways on how you can manage your own debt issues and improve yourself along the way:

Motivational video #1

I love motivational videos. I watch then daily. It really increase my energy when I am down. This is the first motivational video that I had ever seen that really influenced me. I think that reason that it really touched me is because it asked the question that always intriged me: “What does the 5000$ person doesn’t do, that the 50K$ person does do?” Only after I saw this video for the first time, I have learn that Art Williams was a successfl football coach, that had become a multi-millionare in his own business life, so he knows a thing or two about how to motivate people and what makes people succeed in life. I encourage you to watch this movie everyday for a month, and I am sure that if you do so you will feel the difference in yourself.